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MOOCs, my PhD, and a couple of small requests

So much has happened since my last post, where to start! The past year has flown by. For most of 2014 I was on maternity leave, but I did take a couple of MOOCs, completing my first edX courses. I also started the MOOC research literature browser to help out anyone writing a thesis or paper on MOOCs – many thanks to everyone who has got in touch to recommend additional papers.

Recently, I’ve started data collection for the main part of my PhD (which is not about MOOCs, but academic social networking online – if you’re interested, do check out my recent paper in First Monday). This is going to keep me very busy for the foreseeable future – and I have two small favours to ask:

  • Contribute to the MOOC literature browser: I’m not going to be able to keep up with new MOOC-related publications as quickly, so I’ve set up a Google form to allow you to add information about new papers. Contributions won’t be ‘live’ immediately but by submitting all the information this way, I can just copy everything straight into the live database in batches once a week.
  • Take part in my PhD study: I’m currently running an online survey about academics’ use of social networking sites and social media, which you would be welcome to take part in! It is open to academics from any disciplines and job positions, including PhD students. There is also the option to participate in further activities using network visualisations. The survey will be open until the end of January and can be found here:

Many thanks if you can help out on either count 🙂 Finally, in case you were curious (I was!), this is what you get if you put all of the abstracts from the 256 items currently in the MOOC research browser into Wordle:


No prizes for guessing the big ones! Thanks again and have a great festive season 🙂


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