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So long and thanks for all the MOOCs!

This is likely to be my last post for a while as I’m embarking upon a new project – parenthood! (There isn’t a MOOC for that!).

My partner Tom and I are expecting the imminent arrival of a baby girl. So I (probably) won’t be blogging actively for a little while, but I wanted to write a post to say a big thank-you to everyone who has read and contributed to my blog. It started out as a place for me to jot down things which I found interesting about MOOCs as I got involved with them as a learner, and as it happened, lots of other people were interested too – particularly when I started (just out of curiosity) looking at completion rates. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed data to my chart, and all the folks who took this as a starting point for interesting debates about openness of data, what completion means in the context of MOOCs, and bringing an evidence-based perspective to the MOOC hype. I’d never intended the chart to be some kind of MOOC league table, but rather I view it as a starting point for engaging with questions about how completion rates could be enhanced in order to make access and achievement more equitable. I might be a bit slower to add things to the chart, but please do continue to comment and contribute data 🙂

The blog has also made a contribution to the academic body of work related to MOOCs; I’ve got a journal paper based on trends in MOOC enrolment and completion currently in press and due for publication in the next issue at the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL), and have recently finished my part of a MOOC Research Initiative project grant I hold with my supervisor entitled “Characteristics and completion rates of distributed and centralised MOOCs”. Martin recently presented our work-in-progress at the MRI conference in Texas (I would have loved to have gone, but was too far along with the pregnancy to be allowed on a plane!); he’s been blogging about the work he presented from the project here, and has set up a blog for the learning design part of the project here. I’ll post links here to more project outputs as they happen further down the line.

Bye for now – many thanks once again and have a great festive season – and keep on MOOCing 🙂

Edit: 25th February 2014

My paper in IRRODL is out now! Jordan, K. (2014) Initial trends in enrolment and completion of massive open online courses. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 15(1), 133-160.

Edit: 6th April 2014

I’ve written up my work on networks of co-studied subjects as a short paper, which has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (IJET). It’s due to be published in August, and will post a link here when it comes out.

I’ve also started putting together a MOOC research literature browser, using the same tool (Exhibit) as I used for the completion visulisation. It’s a work in progress, and am still populating the citations and tags etc. The search box will search across all the abstracts (when I finish adding them 😉 which is quite handy too. Again, works best in Firefox and Safari. If you’d like to suggest any papers to add which aren’t currently included, please do post a comment here with the info and I will add them 🙂



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